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Be prepared with the Cyclone Emergency Kit. If you are facing the approach of a cyclone or disaster you will have the confidence of having a kit to help survive at home or on the move. Safeguard yourself and your family from the chaos and panic which follows a disaster. Be prepared for Cyclones & Disasters. This kit includes everything an adult needs to survive with water, light, communications, warmth, first aid and sanitation.

Save time and money
When you purchase this kit you save time searching for all these products. Save money - heavily discounted when compared with buying all these items individually.

Safety and Security
The materials in this kit are long life and will be ready to use when you need it. Be assured when purchasing from Aussie Storm Shop - keep your aussie dollars in Australia and have the confidence of an Australian warranty.

Less Stress during emergencies
Emergency and disaster situations are stressful. By having this kit you will be confident and safe when you need it most. The Cyclone & Disaster Emergency Kit will be ready to go when you are. Ease the demand on Emergency Services

Less stress for you also means less stress for emergency service volunteers. Be in control during disasters and emergencies.

What's in the Cyclone & Disaster Emergency Kit?

  • (1) Berkey Sport Water Filter Bottle 
    - During a disaster you may be required to drink from suspect water sources or contaminated town water. The Berkey Sport Water Bottle is the most powerful water bottle filter available and eliminates any water concerns you may have.
  • (1) 240v Rechargeable Blackout LED torch.
    - A great little torch that will automatically turn on when the power goes out. 
  • Wind Up Dynamo LED AM/FM Radio/Torch
    - We include a wind up torch with built in AM/FM/Shortwave radio. This radio also has the ability to give a small charge to mobile phones via it's built in USB port. 
  • (1) Solar/USB Powered LED Lantern.
    - A cool little soft rubber LED lantern that also doubles as a waterproof storage container!
  • (1) First Aid Kit
    - Includes detailed quality first aid components in a zip up first aid soft pack.
  • (1) Water Proof Pouch - We provide a large quality water proof pouch which holds important documents such as insurance papers, birth certificates etc. Keep copies of your documents in your kit in case the originals are lost.
  • (1) 36 Hour Emergency Candle
    - Long burn time and enclosed in it's own holder.
  • (1) LED Headlamp
    - Included is a tough little light. It is water resistant, has long runtimes. It puts out a bright light from it's super bright white LED lamp. (may vary from photo)
  • (1) Emergency Fuel Stove with 24 fuel cells
    - Includes 24 fuel tablets. Great for boiling water or cooking small meals in an emergency when no power or gas is available.
  • (1) Hygiene Pack
    - Keeping clean and healthy is important during survival situations. Contains: Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Facial Tissues, Towelettes, all in a toiletries bag
  • (1) Biodegradable Toilet Paper 
  • (1) Waterproof Matches
  • (1) Emergency Survival Poncho
    - Waterproof and windproof, designed for extreme weather
  • (1) 8hr+ Glowstick - Glowsticks are excellent for emergency situations. They create a gentle warm glow that is calming and easy to read by. They also make a great nightlight for children. 
  • (1) 20 Litre Collapsible Water Container - When the Cyclone or Disaster approaches you need to conserve and store water. Be prepared if water mains supplies are contaminated.
  • (1) Heavy Duty Duct Tape.
    - Quality Duct tape to repair or secure

Please note that some items may differ to those in the photos due to availability. We recommend you keep these items in a plastic container or duffle bag to keep it organised and easy to locate.
12 warranty on all items.
This kit is designed and assembled here in Queensland, Australia and sent direct to you from our QLD warehouse.

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