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The Tick Twister Pro is the safest and easiest way to remove ticks. It makes tick removal simple and pain free for both people and pets. In Australia we have plenty of the normal aussie bush ticks but it's the Ixodes Holocyclus or Paralysis Tick (and often called Shellback Ticks) which can cause major problems. In people, the Paralysis Tick can cause severe swelling, rashes and bacterial infection. In pets, death can occur within 24-48 hours. Infection usually occurs when the tick is removed improperly, usually by pulling with tweezers causing the tick to regurgitate it's bacteria ridden saliva into the person's bloodstream.

The Tick Twister Pro is simple to use. Just slide it in-between the tick and the person's skin and (without pulling) gently twist and the tick will just pop off within a few seconds. Due to the tick's barbed mouth, pulling is usually ineffective but the twisting action releases the tick's barbs from a person's skin. It works from the smallest of ticks up to the large ones. It removes all parts of the tick and doesn't leave the head lodged in your skin like tweezers often do. Simple, easy and pain free! A great addition for your first aid kit.The Tick Twister Pro has a key ring attachment so you can take it with you everywhere!

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