Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle is a lightweight, durable camping kettle that uses natural fuel such as twigs, sticks, and cones to makes boiling water fast and easy in any situation. Its enclosed firebase means it works in extreme weather conditions and boils water in just 3-5 minutes. Combined with the Kelly Kettle Cook Set, which fits neatly inside the kettle for travel and storage, you can also use your kettle to grill, boil or fry any foods. With the aid of the Pot-Support, you can even cook and boil water at the same time.

The Kelly Kettle is a is a great accessory for any outdoor enthusiast, and can be useful for camping, fishing, family picnics, hiking, 4x4 travel, skiing, canoeing/kayaking, scouts, emergency and prepper survival kits, homesteading, self-sufficiency and offgrid, people working in the outdoors, and more.