MRE Meals

Whether you want to build an emergency cache of meals or you want some lightweight food to take hiking, camping or boating, the Aussie Storm Shop has something to suit your needs. We have ready to eat meals that require no heating and 24hr MRE ration packs, similar to ADF rat-packs in multiple flavours and varieties. For light weight options we also stock freeze dried meals, 24hr freeze dried ration packs and bulk kits of freeze dried foods designed to be shelf stable for years. The Aussie Storm Shop also has a large range of gluten free MRE’s and freeze dried meals as well as vegetarian options.

Almond Protein Hot Chocolate
Dandies Vegan Marshmallows
Freeze Dried Beetroot Dip
Freeze Dried Hummus
Gnocchi with Herb Cream Sauce
Instant Miso Soup
Instant Sea Vegetable Soup
Kooee! Sea Salt Beef Jerky
Low Carb Instant Mash Mix