Billy Boil Thermal Cooker 3.0L

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 Billy Boil 3.0L- Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Thermal Cooker

The Billyboil Thermal Cooker cooks your food using retained heat, for up to 12 hours. It uses no energy after the initial heat-up phase on your existing stovetop. This means you can save up to 80% of your cooking energy usage!

The Billyboil has two main parts. A stainless steel inner pot to use on your stove, and a vacuum-insulated outer pot with a carry handle. Which you can see in the graphic below:

This thermal cooker has an internal capacity of about 3 litres. It suits cooking for four or more people. You can also use it for cooking in larger batches to make some extra meals for later. It's Like a Slow Cooker - Only Better. Slow cookers are great because they:

  • Lessen the chance of food burning or boiling-over,
  • Allow for better infusion of flavours,
  • Can save time with 'one-pot' style cooking.

BUT regular slow cookers still need a continuous supply of energy, just like traditional stovetop cooking. If you enjoy the benefits of a slow cooker but want an energy-efficient yet straightforward cooking solution, then the Billyboil is for you.

Here's how easy it is to use:

  • Step 1 - Use the stainless steel inner pot as you would normally. Bring your food to the boil, or cook as required.
  • Step 2 - Once the food is heated through, switch off your stove. Then, place the inner pot inside the insulated outer pot and close the lid. The Billyboil will continue to cook the food using the retained thermal energy in the already heated-up food.
  • Step 3 - Remove the inner pot when the cooking time has elapsed, or up to 12 hours later, when you're ready to eat.

The Billyboil is easy to use on any existing stovetop.

Billyboil Thermal Cooker Benefits

The thermal cooker concept was developed for those travelling in caravans, motor-homes or when camping. However, thermal cooking is an ideal solution for everyday cooking in the home. Here's why:

  • Time-Saving - No boiling-over and no burning of food possible. Let your food keep cooking safely and unattended while you get on with something else.
  • Energy Saving - Zero energy consumption after the initial heat-up phase on your regular stove.
  • High Performance. It keeps food cooking above 60˚C for up to 12 hours. This is 50% longer than other thermal cookers on the market.
  • Versatile - Use it to cook vegetables, curries, stews, or just about anything.
  • Compatible. Suitable to use in conjunction with any stovetop (gas, electric, induction or even camp stoves).
  • Safe - The lid can be locked closed with the handle for safe travelling. This also minimises any spillage if the Billyboil is accidentally knocked over.
  • Removable Lid - The lid can be clipped off to keep your food piping hot at the table whilst serving. With the cover off, you can even use the Billyboil as an insulated ice bucket for super-chilled drinks.

How the Billyboil thermal cooker saves energy compared to other cooking methods.


  • Components: Double-wall vacuum insulated 'outer pot' with carry handle, stainless steel 'inner pot' with handle and removable silicone handle cover.
  • Capacity: 3 litres (inner pot)
  • Compatibility: Works with electric, gas, induction, and camp stoves.
  • Dimensions: Outer pot = 20cm high by 25cm wide
  • Inner pot: 12.5cm high by 20cm wide
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Materials: Stainless steel type 304 inner and outer pot. Outer pot has a plastic (polypropylene) handle and framing.
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Made in China

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What recipes do you suggest?
  • Any recipe designed for extended simmering, slow cooking, or one-pot cooking is ideal for the Billyboil. In other words, you probably already have a stack of suitable recipes.
  • Is it compatible with electric induction stovetops?
  • Yes. It has a thick base which is appropriate for induction stovetops. It is of course also suitable for regular electric and gas stoves as well. It even works on camp stoves, alcohol stoves, etc.
  • How should I clean the Billyboil?
  • You can clean the Billyboil like any stainless steel cookware. Use warm soapy water to clean the inner pot. For stubborn marks, use a stainless steel cleaner or a cleaning paste, like Gumption. Avoid using steel wool or abrasives as they may scratch the stainless steel. To clean the outer pot, use a damp cloth - don't submerge it in water. 


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