Firebox Scout Emergency Stove

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Firebox Scout Emergency Stove

Want a budget-friendly all-in-one Emergency Stove? Introducing the Scout Emergency Stove from the reliable Firebox. The most versatile lightweight & compact stove you'll find. Suitable for use with Gas, Liquid, Wood and Solid Fuel, you'll never be left out in the cold with nothing to cook with. Feed Twigs and Sticks by elevating the stove using the provided lid, restrict the airflow using the same lid for use with Solid fuel or use the positioning pins for use with a Sterno, Alcohol Burner or Gas Burner. Simple Design that won't require you to have a degree to use. Fuel-Efficient means you'll conserve fuel which is good for the environment and the back pocket. Grab it to your Cart before everyone else does!


  • Compact - No Need to Lug Around Chunky Extra's as it Nests Neatly inside the Lids & Smartly Designed to hold all the Accessories inside
  • Fuel Versatility - Don't be stuck without Food due to Limited Fuel Sources. It gives you the ability to choose between Solid, Wood, Gas or Liquid Fuel
  • Lightweight - Won't be weighed down on your hike as it weighs only 152g!
  • Portable - Due to its Lightweight & Compact Nature, this Stove is the Ultimate Grab n Go Stove item when Disaster Strikes. It has Space inside to store a fuel supply for a quick escape.
  • Simple yet Capable Design - It doesn't take an engineer or even reading a manual to figure it out.
  • Fuel Efficient - The "Wind-Proof Lighter" hole pattern is calibrated to provide the right temperature for cooking whilst maximising fuel efficiency
  • Metal Top Lid - The Top Lid doubles as a Mess Tin to heat up your MREs
  • Metal Bottom Lid - Flip & Sit the Scout on top to Use for Small Sticks for Fuel or Flip again and keep the wind away from your flame


  • Includes: 1x Firebox Scout Stove, 2x Lids, Positioning Pins, 1x Stove Case
  • Material: Tin Plated Steel
  • Pack Weight of Stove: 152 grams (Weight does not include Lids)
  • Weight of One Lid: 104 grams
  • Weight of Multi-Fuel Fire Grate: 85 grams
  • Weight of Positioning Pins: 15 grams
  • Dimensions: Closed 11cm x 11cm x 12.5cm

How to use various fuels with the Scout

  • To burn a Fuel Puck, fuel tablets or other accelerated fuels, you’ll want to restrict some of the airflow. Simply use one of the lids to cover the lower row of holes. This slows the fire and makes the fuel last much longer and at the perfect cooking temperature.
  • For burning wood in the form of twigs and sticks, use the lid as a pedestal; this allows you to feed sticks in at an upwards angle. The flame will naturally climb to the ends of the sticks allowing you to feed them in as they burn. 
  • Positioning pins and an easy-to-understand hole pattern make it convenient to use canned fuels like Sterno, alcohol burners like the Trangia, or even a gas burner for using pressurized fuels like propane or isobutane.
  • The Scout’s specially designed Multi-Fuel Fire Grate (Sold Separately) makes it possible to use solid fuel tablets, wood pellets or even charcoal.
  • To maintain a cooking temperature, place your pan directly on the stove. The calibration of hole pattern meters exhaust flow to control the heat.  If you need more heat for boiling, add the Accelerator Cross Bars (Sold Separately). This provides an additional ¼” exhaust gap all the way around the stove. It supercharges the Scout making it possible to burn a Swedish fire torch, wood pellets, or even damp or poor-quality wood. It also makes your Scout Stove work better at high elevations where less oxygen is available.


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