LifeStraw Personal Outdoor Portable Water Filter


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LifeStraw is an award-winning point-of-use portable water filter that transforms microbiologically contaminated water into safe, clean drinking water. It’s ideal for a variety of users in and outside of the home, from hikers and campers to people displaced by natural disasters.


  • Lightweight only 56 grams (or 1.64 oz)
  • Purifies a minimum of 4000 litres (1000 gallons) of water. Pores clog over time as filter is used, reaching end of life when water can no longer pass through.
  • Removes virtually all bacteria (99.9999 percent) and protozoan parasites (99.9 percent) that can contaminate water, including giardia
  • Reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering out particulate matterMade of durable plastic 0.2 Micron Filtration
  • Chemical-free
  • Doesn’t require electrical power, batteries or replacement parts–it’s powered by user-generated suction
  • BPA Free
  • Recylcable
  • No Moving Parts
  • Life time: Lasts indefinitely!
  • If you consume 3-4 litres per day, it should last 250 days!
  • 9 Inches x 1.2 inches

How it works: The LifeStraw contains specially designed hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology, most commonly found in industrial water treatment plants that clean a city’s water supply. The inside of the LifeStraw consists of a large number of hollow fibers that resemble angel hair spaghetti, but much thinner. Each fiber has pores in its walls with a diameter of 0.2 microns or five hundred times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. When water is forced through the hollow fibers, only clean water can fit through these pores, blocking bacteria, parasites, and dirt from reaching the user. This purely physical method of filtration does not contain any chemicals.