Tomato Lover Seed Kit 14 Heirloom Varieties

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Tomato Lover Seed Kit 14 Heirloom Varieties

A selection of 10 x unique Heirloom Tomato Seeds, passed down through generations – offering unique flavours, colours, and shapes seldom found in commercial tomato varieties. This kit includes tomatoes that are perfect for drying, canning, cooking and of course; eaten fresh. Each seed packet includes best use info, as well as detailed planting and growing information.


  • At least 30 tomato seeds in each packet
  • Never get bored of tomatoes! Included varieties such as Beefsteak, Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Gold Nugget, Golden Roma, Juanne Flamme, Money Maker, Oxheart Pink, Principe Borghese, and Tigerella.
  • Includes Variety specific growing instructions
  • Heirloom Herb Seeds - Once grown, let your plant go to seed, and you can gather your own seeds for the future
  • Non-GMO


  • PLEASE NOTE WA & TAS buyers: there are quarantine regulations with sending seeds to these parts of Australia. Quarantine may inspect your parcel and if so, there is a possibility of being charged a fee of $39.50. Please be aware that Aussie Storm Shop accepts no liability for this fee.
  • Storing Seeds: To minimise loss in quality, store this pack in a dark, dry, cool location.
  • Includes:
    • Beefsteak: Beefsteak tomatoes are large, meaty, and juicy, perfect for slicing in sandwiches and burgers. Their robust flavour and low seed count make them a popular choice for cooking and canning.
    • Black Cherry: A delightful heirloom, Black Cherry tomatoes bear clusters of small, dark-purple fruits bursting with sweet, rich flavour. These bite-sized treats are perfect for salads and snacking.
    • Cherokee Purple: This famous heirloom variety offers medium-sized, dusky-purple tomatoes with a complex, sweet taste. Cherokee Purple tomatoes are visually striking and ideal for salads and gourmet dishes.
    • Gold Nugget A prolific cherry tomato variety, Gold Nugget produces small, golden-yellow fruits with a sweet, tangy flavour. These tomatoes are perfect for fresh eating or adding colour to salads.
    • Golden Roma: Golden Roma tomatoes are a popular choice for making golden tomato sauce. Their meaty texture, mild sweetness, and low acidity make them ideal for cooking and canning.
    • Juanne Flamme: This French heirloom variety produces elongated, flame-orange tomatoes with a delightful fruity sweetness. Perfect for adding colour and flavour to salads and culinary creations.
    • Money Maker: As the name suggests, Money Maker tomatoes are reliable and high-yielding. They offer medium-sized, round, and juicy fruits, great for a variety of culinary uses.
    • Oxheart Pink: Oxheart Pink tomatoes are known for their heart-shaped fruits and exceptional taste. These large, pink tomatoes are meaty, juicy, and perfect for slicing.
    • Principe Borghese: Hailing from Italy, Principe Borghese tomatoes are small, plum-shaped fruits, cherished for their sweet flavour and suitability for sun-drying.
    • Tigeralla: Tigerella tomatoes exhibit striking red and orange stripes, making them visually appealing. With a balanced, tangy-sweet taste, they are excellent for salads and snacking.


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