Transpiration Water Bag Kit (2 Pack)

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Transpiration Water Evaporation Bag Kit

Designed for efficient water collection in arid areas of Australia. This method can collect more than half a litre per bag per day.

This kit includes:

2x Extra Large Transpiration Bag 1.5m x 1.0m (Food Grade)
2x 1.0 Metre lengths of 550 Paracord
1x Instructions

Trees and saplings evaporate moisture (water) from their leaves into the air through a process called Transpiration. Water is necessary for plants but only a small amount is used for growth and metabolism. The rest (97%+) is lost through the foliage into the atmosphere.

How to use the Water Transpiration Evaporative Bag Kit:

  1. Choose a tree or sapling that is facing the sun (north). The bag should be in full sun the entire time. Wattles and Gum trees are perfect. Do not choose a toxic or poisonous tree. Select a leafy branch in the sun and give a shake to remove any insects. Try to choose a branch with no dead parts which may puncture the bag.
  2. Place the bag over the leafy branch while trying to get as many leaves into the bag as possible. Take care not to damage the bag. If necessary, use some of the supplied paracord to tie some branches together first to make it easier to fit more leaves in.
  3. Using the supplied paracord, tie the bag at the branch or stem as tight as possible to create as much of an airtight seal as possible.
  4. Orientate the bag so that a corner is facing down with minimal leaves in this corner. This is where the water will collect. You may need to tie the branch down or place a small clean stone inside the bag to weigh the corner down.
  5. Leave the bag alone, checking occasionally to make sure it remains in the correct orientation.
  6. To collect the water, carefully remove the bag from the tree and empty the water into a container or cup. Alternatively, use a knife to cut a hole in the corner to collect the water. You can re-tie the corner with some cord. Water should be used within 24-48hrs of collection.

Water Bag Size: 1525mm x 1015mm
Material Thickness: 50µm
Weight rating: Up to 17kg


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